The end of summer in Fano

Septembre 5, 2019


Who said you should only go on vacation in August? Of course, many companies close in August and for many workers holidays are fixed.

But those lucky enough to spend a few days out of season, well, we assure you that Fano is definitely an ideal destination.

The end of summer in Fano


The days get shorter, the morning is cool and the bath is only 13h / 14h, when the temperature is more lenient. But it’s a pleasure: what peace and what water! Fano at this time is more livable than usual, car parks are easy to find and things to do and see are still numerous. For example, until October 13, it is still possible to visit the “LEONARDO E VITRUVIO. Beyond the circle and the square. In search of harmony. The legendary drawings of the Codex Atlanticus“at the Palace Malatestiano Museum, Morganti Room. For more information is the link to the official website.

If you want to book your weekend or your week in Fano you can do it by calling 0721 804000 or by writing to