Where to go on Easter?

Where to go on Easter? In Urbino, for the 500 years of Raphael.

This year Easter will be April 12th. You could pass the classic 3-day bridge in the Marche, between sea and mountains, between Fano and Urbino.

Among other things, this year marks the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death.

What better opportunity then to visit Urbino, home of Raphael?

It will be a unique opportunity to enter the world of true Italian Renaissance and get to know his works in more depth. Many initiatives have already started and more will come: we recommend the exhibition “Raphael Ware. The colors of the Renaissance” (open until April 13) with 157 refined examples of Italian Renaissance majolica.

Dove andare a Pasqua

At certain times of the year, a visit to Torricino is allowed with a breathtaking view of Piero Della Francesca’s landscapes.

Then there is the Palazzo Ducale, home of the Montefeltro, lords of Urbino, who usually offers the most beautiful paintings of the ‘400 and’ 500, from Raphael’s Muta to the Flagellation and the Madonna of Senigallia by Piero della Francesca, up to the Ideal City , At the Miracle of the Host by Paolo Uccello, at the Last Supper and the Resurrection of Titian.

Urbino is a gem not to be missed also says the prestigious American newspaper, the New York Times, which recommends Urbino as a destination to visit in 2020.

“Today the artistic atmosphere of Urbino is lively – adds John Henderson of the New York Times citing events between jazz, dance and literature -. In addition to hosting one of the oldest universities in the world (the University of Urbino was founded in 1506), Urbino is also considered the book capital in Italy for its Institute for Book Decoration and Illustration ». And the end is noteworthy: “A walled city on a hill with numerous balconies on the underrated countryside of the Marche, Urbino offers all that Tuscany offers, but at half the price and with half the tourists”.

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