A City to Taste Fano

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

Tomorrow, Thursday 26 September and will last until Saturday 29 September 2018 the cultural-enogastronomic event at the end of summer, in Fano “Città da Gust@re” literally “A City to Taste“. Many scheduled events, including conferences, stories, guided tours, symposia, book presentations and tastings.

The event wants to focus on the territorial culture of food and wine and hospitality with catering professionals and technology to support italian food and wine.

For the occasion, the city of Fano will host renowned chefs, restaurateurs, university professors, researchers, writers, journalists, technologists and students. “Una Città da Gust@re” is not one of the many food and wine fairs or exhibitions, but a widespread event on the culture of italian food and the pleasure for conviviality and quality hospitality.

The event will take place in different locations in the historic center: the Representation Hall of the Cassa di Risparmio di Fano Foundation, the Ipogea Hall of the Memo Library, the Sangallo Bastion, the Verdi Hall of the Fortuna Theater and the Borghese Darsena.